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Alex Thomas live at Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge

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Sergei Tarasov

Dolly - Phone Play.mp4

Key Features: VPlayer helps the Samsung smartphone users in decoding. The player was introduced in year 2012. It uses less battery energy and helps do your job in the best possible way.

Dolly - Phone Play.mp4

Key Features: This app supports QuickTime, MP3 and MP4 (audio/video) formats. And it can be compatible with Android devices as well as Windows mobile phones. In addition, several plugins accompanied with the player present at the accessory page of RealPlayer. What's more, it consists of player, converter, burner, trimmer and downloader as well.

If you are looking for apps for playing MP4 videos on Samsung smart phone, UniConverter could be a wonderful helper, which can help convert MP4 to Samsung supported formats with ease. In addition, you are able to convert various video formats to Samsung compatible formats as you need.

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