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Experience in virtual football betting and how to earn millions every day

Experience in virtual football betting is crucial for those who are new to this form of betting. A virtual football match is not like real-life football matches we are accustomed to. The duration of a virtual football match is usually only 3 minutes, and the results of each match do not follow any specific rules. To win against bookmakers in these bets, players need to have a basic understanding of virtual football betting knowledge and experience. With that, players can easily determine their direction, consider the corresponding betting strategies, and increase their chances of winning. In this article, I will share the most accurate virtual football betting experience with those who are interested in and want to participate in this field.

What is virtual football?

Virtual football, also known as Virtual Football/Soccer, is an online betting game. Virtual football includes a series of tournaments and football matches programmed by bookmakers in the 3D virtual world. The teams and players are based on the real-life performance of football. Players make predictions about the outcomes of these matches. Each match typically lasts for 2 to 3 minutes, with a few minutes between matches.

Virtual football is created by software developed by bookmakers, using 3D technology and scientific algorithms. These software programs are operated by the server systems of the bookmakers. To avoid risks in virtual football betting, the first thing you need to do is choose a reputable bookmaker. Then, supplement yourself with the most accurate virtual football betting experience. When you meet these requirements, winning virtual football bets will no longer be too difficult.

Types of bets in virtual football

Virtual football bets are similar to real football bets. Typically, bookmakers offer three main types of bets displayed on the betting board:

Asian Handicap (Handicap): Betting on the home team or the away team to win after deducting the handicap.

Over/Under Betting: Betting on whether the total number of goals in the match is higher or lower than the number set by the bookmaker.

1x2 Betting (European Handicap): Betting on the result of the match, whether the home team wins, the away team wins, or it's a draw.

In addition to these three main bets, there are also some additional bets offered by bookmakers to provide more options, such as Odd/Even bets, bets on the first and last goals, bets on goals by halves, etc. Players only need to select the match, choose the odds for the type of bet they want, enter the bet amount, and confirm the bet.

How to calculate virtual football betting odds

To avoid issues when calculating virtual football betting odds, you need to thoroughly understand the rules of virtual football betting. Each bookmaker will have its own rules that players must adhere to in order to avoid fraud or money laundering. However, the odds provided by most bookmakers are as follows:

Over/Under Odds: The calculation for Over/Under odds is based on the total number of goals in the match, and the payout ratio is determined by the bookmaker. For example, if you bet 100,000 on Over with an odds multiplier of -0.96: The winning amount is 100,000, and the losing amount is 100 x 0.96 = 96,000.

1x2 Odds: The calculation for 1x2 odds is simple and based on the result (Win-Draw-Loss) to determine the payout. For example, if you bet on a team to win the entire match with 100,000 at odds of 2.68, the winning amount is (100 x 2.68 - 100 capital) = 168,000.

Handicap Betting Odds: The calculation for this odds type depends on the chosen handicap, such as 0.25, 0.5, or 1 goal, and the payout is calculated accordingly. For example, if the home team is given a 0.25-goal handicap against the away team, and the match ends in a 0-0 draw, if you bet 100,000 on the home team with an odds multiplier of 0.66, you will win half the amount: (100 x 0.66) / 2 = 33,000.

Understanding how bookmakers calculate odds will greatly help in choosing the right odds for each match, especially in virtual football. When betting on virtual football, players need to pay special attention as the betting time for each match is typically set within 1 minute. Therefore, players need to calculate the odds quickly to choose the correct betting odds.

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Experience in winning real money with virtual football betting

Winning in virtual football betting is not difficult for those who want to achieve victory. However, to win against bookmakers, players need to grasp the experience of betting, analyzing odds, and basic principles to make winning in virtual football betting easy. Here are some experiences, methods, and tips for virtual football betting that you can refer to and apply.

Experience in not betting on strong or weak teams

For virtual football, if you apply the strategy of analyzing odds and betting on strong or weak teams, as in real football, following the bookmaker's odds, this betting method is completely wrong in virtual football. Virtual football does not follow any specific rules, as it is built on a software platform with its own unique algorithm operated by bookmakers.

To win in virtual football betting, you should not follow the crowd. In virtual football, a strong team may not necessarily win, so do not bet on the strong team without carefully considering their previous matches.

Experience in not betting on many virtual football matches at once

For experienced virtual football bettors, they will know never to bet on many matches at once as it increases the risk of losing. Even if you are confident and experienced, you should not bet on more than 5 matches at a time. This betting method has many risks, and you need to consider it carefully before placing bets. Read more: Highlighting the bookmaker site best online for 2024.

Moreover, balancing finances in virtual football bets

is also considered a very good experience. Virtual football betting should be seen as a game to supplement your income rather than investing too much in this game if you lack accurate betting experience. Therefore, virtual football betting often carries a high risk for those without experience. If you win, you can earn a decent amount, but if you lose, you may also lose a considerable amount.

Method of limiting betting amounts

Virtual football has a special advantage in that it does not limit the number of matches and rounds played in a day. Therefore, you can participate at any time, which is both good and bad. Because virtual football has an unlimited number of matches, many people quickly lose their capital.

A long-term strategy for winning against bookmakers in virtual football is to create a specific plan while playing. You should set a specific betting amount for each bet and the time for betting. According to the experience of many experts, it is best to bet within the limit of the available funds in your account. If it runs out, you should stop and not use the main account funds to play. This is a very practical method that many experts apply because of its high practicality.

Tips for choosing a virtual football betting site

As you may know, virtual football is based on the algorithm of software, and this software is controlled by bookmakers. Therefore, to bet on virtual football, you need to choose a reputable and responsible bookmaker. According to the experience of most players, the criteria for choosing a reputable bookmaker must include a valid business license, promotion programs, high payout ratios, fast and safe deposit and withdrawal processes, and secure customer information.

In Vietnam, there are several reputable bookmakers operating in this betting field, such as W88, Fun88, 188bet, and especially the bookmaker england Wintips. Wintips is one of the most reputable bookmakers today, meeting the strictest criteria for choosing a bookmaker. Wintips is also the first bookmaker to be granted a business license in the field of gambling and casino. To learn more about the reputable Wintips bookmaker, you can visit their website.

With the information provided in this article, you will gain more experience in winning virtual football bets and methods to succeed in this betting field. These will be useful pieces of information to help you make the right decision on whether to participate in virtual football betting or not. And don't forget to register for an account on Wintips to participate in virtual football betting and other sports at this reputable bookmaker. Wish you always have good luck and success.


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